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Protect Your Investment with Basement Waterproofing in Sudbury

At J & S Construction, we provide both waterproofing and weeping tile services. One of the most common services we perform in these categories is basement waterproofing. Sudbury homeowners know that a basement is an excellent addition to any house, offering a boost in value. However, a leaky basement can mean serious water damage. J & S Construction’s experience and industry knowledge allow us to provide a range of waterproofing services for both the interior and exterior of your building. If you are concerned about affecting your landscaping or the outside look of your home, we can offer interior waterproofing for small leaks. Should leaks be more serious or complex, we can offer exterior waterproofing like weeping tile systems. 

Weeping Tile Installation – What You Need to Know

A weeping tile system encompasses a drainage system that protects the foundation of your home from water damage. There are two types of weeping tile systems, interior and exterior. Interior systems are inside your basement and run along the floor while the exterior version is buried outside of your home along the foundation, preventing moisture from penetrating it. When it comes to waterproofing solutions, J & S Construction is well experienced in weeping tile installation. Contact us to book a free consultation.

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