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Serving Sudbury’s Construction Needs

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Renovation & General Construction in Sudbury – J & S Construction Does It All

J & S Construction is a full service construction company offering renovation and general construction for Sudbury and the surrounding areas. We work for residential, commercial, and industrial properties, taking care of projects including foundation repair, weeping tile system installation, waterproofing and drainage work, home maintenance, excavation, landscaping, snow removal, and much more. Homeowners, local business owners, municipalities, and other property owners can trust over 25 years of experience and industry knowledge from J & S Construction. Furthermore, we have been a registered builder with Tarion since 1998 and take pride in all the work that we do. 

Why Go with a Professional for Your General Construction in Sudbury?

Do-it-yourself projects are always tempting because of the myth that they are often more cost-effective than hiring a professional. However, this often isn’t the case. Whether for renovation or general construction, Sudbury property owners should consider a professional because they offer many benefits including:

  • Experience – A professional has knowledge you don’t have. They are well-read on the building codes and regulations to follow in order to keep your property safe and save you from additional costs in the future. 
  • Industry and technical know-how – Construction work can be complex. You may not know the best way to implement a project and therefore end up spending more money and time on it. On the other hand, a professional will work efficiently thanks to their prior knowledge. 
  • Accurate pricing – A professional knows just how much a job costs as well as the labour and materials needed to complete it. Do-it-yourself projects may end up costing you more if you aren’t sure what products, tools, and equipment you actually need to complete the job. 
  • Liability insurance and warranties – Lastly, a professional contractor is covered by insurance so that should anything go wrong, you aren’t out money. Professionals also offer warranties for their work.

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